Prayer Life

Prayer is a loving encounter with God who is love. Apart from community prayer which includes Mass and Liturgy of the Hours where the sisters share the gift of common prayers with gratitude as an expression of the

mystical unity with Christ, each Sister endeavours to set aside time to be with Jesus her Spouse, before Blessed Sacrament.A sister considers prayer the soul of her apostolate and so prays earnestly for continuous strength in her missionary work.
Thursday is a special day for the Missionary sisters of Mary Mother of the church in all the communities for Adoration (Holy Hour).


 The chapel in the Mother house: Before the Eucharistic Lord, the sisters pray confidently that God’s designs may be fulfilled in them and through their apostolate, so that faith may be gloriously professed by all.



The Sisters recite their rosary before our Lady Mother of the Church.



Aspirants and Postulants sing the Magnificat before our Lady Mother of the Church





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