Formation is an ongoing process that fosters growth in the life of consecration to the Lord, as a response of the Sister to the work of the Holy Spirit that bids her to faithfulness to the call. Formation is a life-long process, which involves discovery, testing, and bringing the vocation to its full maturity.

The formation of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church include the period of Aspirancy, Postulancy, Novitiate, temporary profession, perpetual profession and ongoing formation.





 Aspirancy marks the introduction to the formation of candidates into religious life.  It is a period when a young woman who wishes to discern her vocation to our Institute is helped to meet the call to a life of total consecration and apostolic service out of the love for Christ who chose her.

 A Young lady is enrolled in Aspirancy after completing advanced level of education (A’level) with two principal passes, or if she completed senior four, she must have passed in grade 1, 2 or 3 plus two years’ course in a recognised institution.




 The Postulancy is a period of examining very closely the young woman’s disposition and fostering her spirit of sincerity, patience, charity and piety.

The Postulancy is a second phase of formation. It aims at giving the candidate the possibility to discern and verify her call to consecrated life, to welcome it as a source of her happiness and finally to take a free, responsible and well motivated personal decision to formally join the Institute. The period of Postulancy is one year.



The Novitiate is a period for conscious and responsible preparation for consecration in the religious life, and this is best achieved through the first experience of such a life in our Institute.  Its purpose is to help the novice understand the essence of her divine call, her vocation to and the charism of the institute.  It is a period through which the novice come to know Christ more intimately and to follow him chaste, obedient and poor, by means of a deep conversion to Him (Can 646) The Novitiate lasts for two years. 

 Temporary profession


The period of temporary profession is a time for deepening the religious, apostolic, doctrinal and professional formation in order to lead the young religious to that full maturity which will place her in a position to live her consecrated life to the full. 

Perpetual profession


 The candidate is admitted to Perpetual profession considering her life of faith and charity, dedication to work, sense of belonging to and identification with charism and service of the institute, observance of the vows, joy and happiness of being a member.

 Ongoing formation


On-going formation is the continuation after profession of the process started during the period of basic formation, of becoming more and more disciples of Christ, of growing in union with him and being built into his shape.
On-going formation enables the Sister to respond in an ever new manner to the Lord’s call in meeting and overcoming the challenges of our ever-changing society.

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