The Superior General with the collaboration of her council is responsible for the General Administration of the Institute. The General Council is composed of four councillors one of whom is the General Vicaress.

Mothers General from 1987 - 2012

Mother Elizabeth Mandera 1978 - 1986 (appointed by the founder)

Rev. Mother Elizabeth Mandera, battled it even through the tough years of insecurity in the 1978, 1979. In collaboration with the Founder, they encouraged daily adoration to the Eucharist and the Novena to our Lady of Perpetual help.

'Greatness and goodness of God' Ps. 145, remained on her lips.



Mother Frances Nakigozi 1986 – 1997

Rev. Mother Frances Nakigozi  led the Congregation to the approaches of new technologies, causing changes in awareness and consensus among the sisters. The Lord's hand was upon her and she remained firm in her leadership even after the death of our beloved Founder in 1988. Dialogue was precious to her with her art of listening. The era of political turmoil in Northern Uganda did not regress much the Congregation’s development because God was in control.  Everything is possible to one who has faith. Mk. 9:23.



Mother Laeticia Rosetta Masudio 1997 – 2004.

 Mother Letitia worked as the Congregation leader when insurgency still prevailed in Northern Uganda.There was no fear of anything because she confidently believed God held the unknown in every situation.The call for all at the time as St. Paul says was “pursue love, but strive eagerly for the spiritual gifts”, Cor.14:1






Mother Paskasia Nannyonga 2004 -  2010

 She stressed that our goal is to put together a big picture of our responsibilities.The basic way to do this is to devote enough time and effort to every task to get it done on time. On the whole, this corresponds to the words of the Psalmist 'it is good to give themselves to the Lord to praise his Name the Most High': Ps. 92:2



 Mother Evangelista Mirembe 2010 – 2016

 ‘Father, they are a gift to me’ Jn. 17.24

 As a development worker, participatory development and the time factor are at the forefront while planning workflow is the dominant activity. Rev. Mother Evangelista Mirembe strives to implement strategies for specific needs of the Congregation copying with the global changes. With the help of the Lord, the Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church are focused and ready to continue working with the people and for the people.


Sr. Sophia Agnes Asiimwe 2016 – to date

Sr. Sophia joined the Missionary Institute of Mary Mother of the Church in 1975. She made her first profession in 1979, and took perpetual vows in 1984. After her profession, Sr. Sophia engaged in various missionary activities in East Africa and South Sudan.

Sophia Asiimwe believes one must lose part of oneself to become effective in the mission of Christ. Hence, "Trusting in the unconditional love and power of God, I employ His Spirit of wisdom to listen with compassion and empower with prudence and humility" Mt.28:20; Jn.15:4.  She finds consolation in the unfailing presence of Jesus.




General Council

Present General Council 2016 – to date


General Council 2010 – 2016


 General Council 2004 - 2010

General Council 1997 - 2004

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