Our Vision

Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to people that God is love, love attained by following Jesus Christ, after the manner of our Blessed Mother Mary.

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Our Mission

We are a Religious Missionary Institute called to a life of prayer and to continue the redemptive work begun by Christ and the radiation of the image and likeness of Christ.

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To witness and promote the Kingdom of God through the proclamation of the person of Christ the King, and to strive for the prosperity of the church, together with personal holiness, is the

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Our foundation was a result of the desire which our founder had as a priest and Bishop to found a congregation of women who will carry on the missionary work of evangelization in Africa and in any other country where there is need.


 The Missionary Institute of Mary Mother of the Church, with its Mother House in Lira Diocese, was founded by the Late Rev. Bishop Caesar Asili (R.I.P), who was the first Bishop of Lira Diocese in the Northern Uganda. 

 The congregation was founded in this modern times solely to contribute mightily with fresh spirit of loving services towards the making of the church in all good works and ready services in the extension and building up of the Church of God in modern language and activity. By positive commitment to, and involvement with Christ through Prayer and Action, to promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of the people of God.

His desire was enkindled more when Pope Paul the sixth visited Uganda in 1969 and gave a message that Africans should be missionaries to their fellow Africans.

The Decree of election of the Institute was issued and promulgated accordingly by the Rt. Rev. Bishop C. Asili, by then Bishop of Lira Diocese on 8th December 1970.

The first 14 Novices with the Founder and Sr. Rosalia, a Comboni Missionary Sister who first helped the Founder in the formation. She was replaced by Sr. Ignazia (Comboni Missionary Sister)

On 1st January 1971, the first 14 girls started their initial formation and on 20 January 1974 these girls made their first religious profession.  From this time onward, the sisters continued growing in number and in spirit.  Today we are 276 professed Sisters and 24 young girls in the formation programme, that is, Novitiate, Postulancy and Aspirancy.

 We are missionaries of Christ who Pray, Mediate, Study, Write, Work, Recreate and Sacrifice with love in a manner worthy of our God who called us.

In 1978,  Sr. Ignazia Surcis left us and the founder appointed Sr. Elizabeth Mandera to take care of newly founded Institute.

At present we are working in 17 Dioceses in and outside Uganda.  We have 48 communities and among these, 39 are in Uganda and 9 are outside Uganda i.e. Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan and Italy.

The first and general aim of the Institute is the kingdom of God and personal sanctification of its members through the observance of the three evangelical councils namely; chastity, poverty and obedience, and the constitution of the institute. 

The second and specific aim is the Missionary apostolate and any approved apostolate in any Mission country through Catechesis, Education, Medical services, Social communication (press) and Social action.

The above areas of apostolate are achieved through the guidance of Mary our Model and Patron. Our Charism is to share Christ’s LOVE for his people through the Motherhood of Mary.



About Us

We are the Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church, a religious Institute which was founded in 1970 by the Rt. Rev. Caesar Asili (RIP). The Head quarters of the Institute are located in Lira, Northern Uganda, East Africa.  The Institute has since its foundation grown and is now having 276 religious Sisters involved in Pastoral and Social activities, done through different ministries for the service of the people in different parts of the world. Currently, some sisters are working in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan  and Italy.

The activities carried out by the sisters aim at improving the livelihood of the people hence the Missionary sisters of Mary Mother the Church focus on working with people in their communities.

There are five fields/ministries through which the sisters fulfill their social and pastoral obligations. These are:
Social Communication
Social Action

The sisters reach out to the people at the grassroot level taking care of orphans, the Aged, working in Hospitals, Health Centers and Dispensaries.  Others are teaching in schools from Kindergarten level to Secondary, Vocational, and Tertiary Institutions/Universities. Also, some sisters are involved in Mass communication whereby they reach the grassroot people with information concerning integral development and peoples’ state of life on different issues through media. Catechesis is also done through teaching people at different levels, for example teaching the children, the youth, married couples and offering counseling services.

The Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church is a legal entity registered with the Registrar of Trustees and that is why the Institute has the capacity to engage in activities that enhance people’s spiritual and physical development within and beyond its area of jurisdiction.

In order to effectively implement both the spiritual and physical development programmes, the Institute has put effort in capacity building enhancement through training the sisters in the aforementioned fields.

This is because the Institute has the sole mandate of enhancing the pastoral, social welfare of the poor, marginalized and the disadvantaged wherever the sisters are working.

The Vision

Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to people that God is love, love attained by following Jesus Christ, after the manner of our Blessed Mother Mary.

The Mission

We are a Religious Missionary Institute called to a life of prayer and to continue the redemptive work begun by Christ and the radiation of the image and likeness of Christ.

 We radiate the Joy and compassionate Love of God to all people:  the poor, the oppressed, the abandoned and the vulnerable in our Society.  We promote the dignity of women, men, children and the less fortunate in society in Christ-like manner and we build communities of justice, peace and reconciliation wherever we serve. These are effected through our ministries.

Core Values

MSMMC will ensure that the following values cement or glue together their Vision and Mission so as to produce worthwhile results:

Commitment to life-long formation and evangelization, the re-evangelization of inactive people of God and to the development of new models of formation for children and youth.

Embodiment of our Gospel values through healing, education, Social action, Social communication, Catechesis and service to our sisters and brothers.

Commitment to celebrating liturgy that invite people to be active participants, transformed and empowered to go forth, proclaiming and living the Gospel.

Accountability, transparency, Collaboration, sharing, charity, solidarity and transformation focusing on a world in which the above are being eroded.

Hospitality and welcoming that builds and fosters a sense of community.

Collaborative leadership that encourages initiative and an environment within which new ideas can emerge and be supported;

Diversity within our multicultural Institute, always striving to be more inclusive while celebrating our differences;

Grateful reception of God’s blessings and commitment to the responsible use and generous sharing of God’s gifts.

Pursuit of social justice



Caesar Asili was born in Moyo District, in Northern Uganda, on 11th September 1924.  His parents were Sebastiano Asili and Catherina. His father was a Headman in charge of the catechumens and this contributed to Asili’s very good Christian and religious background.

His primary education was at St. Dominic School, Maduga.  In 1938 he joined the minor seminary at Lacor, Gulu.  He completed his training to Priesthood at the then Lacor major Seminary and was ordained on 3rd June 1955 in his home Parish, Moyo.

He went for his further education to a Church University in Rome and later at Makerere University.  As a priest he worked in parishes, was Diocesan Education Secretary and Rector of the Junior Seminary of Arua Diocese.

Right from childhood, in his early formative years in the seminary, Caesar Asili surrendered himself to the protection of Mother Mary, to see him through to Priesthood.  There developed an intimate mother-child relationship between Caesar and Mary, so much so that he promised her a gift if she helped him to become a priest.  The Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church were therefore founded in gratitude to God and as a positive contribution towards establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

It was the strongest conviction of our Founder that girls and women are endowed with many qualities that they may put at the disposal of the church and of the Kingdom of Christ.  He thought that the role of Motherhood of Our lady in the Church can be effectively shown to the People of God through the words and deeds of consecrated women.

Among these feminine qualities, our Founder highlighted the power of intuition, by which women quickly perceive and meet different needs of the People of God in the spirit and role of Motherhood.

It was therefore, no wonder that when he became Bishop of Lira in October 1968, he looked on it as an avenue opened by divine Providence to enable him to translate this love into a tangible gift to the Universal Church, something which would have been a bit difficult for him to accomplish as a priest.  Another providential incident which led to the birth of our Institute was the visit of Pope Paul V1 in 1969.  His challenge and appeal to Africans to be missionaries to themselves met with a ready response and indeed the Holy Father blessed the cornerstone of the Missionary Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church, on 2nd August 1969, at Namugongo (Kampala).

The following year 1970, fourteen young girls, filled with zeal and love of Christ, joined the newly born Institute. These were the seeds of the missionary shrub.  These pioneers were under the care of the Comboni Missionary Sisters: Mary Rozalia and Ignansia.  The first aspirants had their Postulancy in Aboke, which was also a Scholasticate; and later went to Ngetta, where there is the Mother House of the Institute .
These young women made their first Vows on 20th January 1974.  In 1978, the Comboni Missionary Sisters left and Sr. Elizabeth Mandera, one of the pioneers took up the responsibility.   In 1979 the first final Profession took place.

Our Founder died on 12th October 1988.  As liaison Bishop for the Association of Religious women in Uganda (ARU), Bishop Caesar Asili was presiding over the Eucharist to mark the opening of ARU Hostel when he suffered a stroke. 

From heaven, he is powerfully and specifically helping us through his intercession; and many good events in the Institute can be attributed to his loving prayers.  One such event was our first General Chapter which took place in December 1990.  It has helped us to steer through to the present moment with a firm determination and unshakable hope for the future.

Many thanks to God for the many people who continue to encourage and pray for us; and to all benefactors who have generously contributed to make us what we are today.



Our spirituality is the life style of Mary Mother of the Church which reflects and reproduces the life of Christ the first Missionary, who was crucified and rose from the dead.

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Prayer Life

Prayer is a loving encounter with God who is love. Apart from community prayer which includes Mass and Liturgy of the Hours where the sisters share the gift of common prayers with gratitude as an expression of the

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